Finance/Lease Option (FLEXI MiniLease)

Residual Finance for Businesses

MiniLease is a residual finance lease offered by Flexirent to our customers. Sole traders, firms, partnerships, corporate or government entities can lease a a Point ofSale system over a specified term paying monthly repayments. They must then pay the predetermined residual value of the equipment at the end of that term. MiniLease can be used for a wide variety of commercial, industrial or office equipment and our dedicated customer service representatives can advise if the equipment you need can be leased with a MiniLease.

Benenits of a residual finance lease

Conserve cash flow

MiniLease customers can elect a 3, 4, or 5 year lease term to suit their budget (the longer the term, the lower the monthly payments. The residual is pre-determined, making the leasing agreement transparent with no hidden costs. You can also lower your monthly payments by making a payment upfront (although the residual will remain the same). And apart from one month's lease payment, no deposit is required.

Tax Deductable

Because equipment leased under a residual lease is to be used for business or income production, the lease payments are typically tax deductible*. Tax deductibility combined with fixed monthly payments helps commercial users manage their budget.

MiniLease Residuals

The residual value to be paid at the end of term varies with the term length you choose. Customers can choose which term and corresponding residual best suits their business needs and budget.

Term (Years) Number of Payments Residual
3 36 15%
4 48 10%
5 60 5%

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