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Bluefrog POS is a market leading Point of Sale software package that boasts speed, ease of use, reliability and an extensive range of powerful features.

If you own or manage a café, restaurant, bar, clubs or takeaway shop... then this Point of Sale system will revolutionise the way you run your business while keeping you in total control.

“It's so easy to use that it leaves you with more time to do what you do best – enhancing the customer experience!”

Life in the hospitality industry is extremely fast paced, and with every new day comes new challenges: training employees, handling rush hour crowds, compiling reports and keeping track of your costs. And though you may not be able to predict everything; with Bluefrog POS you can be prepared to face it head on.

Having extensively researched, developed and tested Bluefrog POS from the ground up with our friends in the hospitality sector, we understand the constant challenges that affect hospitality revenue and the smooth running of your business. We know you're busy and constantly need to think on your feet, so we've created a user-friendly interface minimising unnecessary 'bells and whistles'.

At Bluefrog POS, we believe in understanding your business. Our skills and experience give you the distinct advantage of receiving solutions that are not just an 'off-the-shelf' or 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

We have a team of skilled personnel on hand to help you every step of the way (not just when we sell and install the system). Because we understand the importance of keeping the system "up and running" we have the best after sales service of any software package on the market. But don't just take our word for it, read what our clients are saying about how Bluefrog POS stands the test of time!

As every business is different and unique we would need to find out exactly what your business requires. Contact us to arrange a no obligation one hour demonstration and from there, we can provide you with a tailored proposal based on your needs.


“Gone are the days of messy hand-written orders”
  • Direct Phone Support
  • User friendly touch-screen interface.
  • Easy maintenance and upgrading
  • extensive reporting and analysis
  • Manages staff productivity
  • Increases efficiency
  • Minimises mistakes and reduces wastage
  • Order dockets automatically printed and sent to the kitchen
  • Instantly generate a total bill for a table
  • Make informed decisions about stock and staff rosters
  • Records staff hours
  • Apply discounts or surcharges to a bill
  • On the spot till balance, number of covers, average spend per head & GST collected
  • Receive data and reports remotely
  • Export sales data and information in many formats and import into your preferred accounting package
  • power backup and autosave ensures you don't lose any data in case of blackouts
  • Extensive reporting include, staff Sales Staff, category Sales (within any date range), active times of master categories, sub-categories, product, exact products, history, individual payments, deleted items, stock levels and account statements


  • Toggle between Quick Sale, Delivery, Pick-up or Dine-In Service sales modes
  • Separate entrée, mains & dessert courses
  • Move tables or individual items from one table to another
  • Split payments & split bills.
  • View all sales transactions and order history
  • Position numbers are displayed on all orders
  • Backup all existing data.
  • Kitchen & bar messages
  • Charge a bill to an account and then generate account statements
  • Stock check
  • Extensive security facility (password protect certain feature/areas of the software)
  • For every product additional information can be added such as stock amount, supplier info, supplier code & tax status
  • Add special notes to each product. Keep your staff informed about recipes, ingredients or even wine recommendations
  • Assign colours, font, font size or even an image to represent a product in the customisable grids for your preferred look and feel
  • Printer redirection & print repeat provides print management options from each terminal
  • An optional surcharge facility for all payment methods (eg AMEX, DINERS)
  • Record login & logout times for more effective staff time sheet management
  • With the grid wizard you can add/edit any grid button with ease
  • A customisable discount facility allows a $ or % amount to be applied to an item, a category or the total bill (including Entertainment Card Discounts)
  • Advertise upcoming events or venue details with the customisable header and footer feature
  • Change "Tables" to "Room Numbers" for customisable hotel chargeback & deliveries


See the BlueFrog Point of Sale in action with our video demonstrations for all types of businesses.

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